Managing company won't be a hassle anymore.


Every registered company in your account will be displayed here with each details. It makes you organizing it faster.

Table of Contents

Customizing the view
  • Show entries show-entry You can decide how many data displayed in a page just by click and choose the entry amount you like.

  • Search bar search-bar You can search company based on a keyword you type in search bar instantly.

  • Sorting the data sort-company Sometimes you want to view your data sorted properly. You can sort the data per column as it shown by ascending or descending.

Favoriting company

You also can set company as a favorite just by clicking star icon and the star will turn red. comp-fav You can unfavorite it just by click the star again.

You can check all favorite company by clicking List Favorite button list-fav Then it will show you all favorited company. list-fav-company

Selecting multiple row

You can select multiple row at once to do action faster. The available action is delete. select-company

Viewing detailed information

You can view detailed information of company by clicking view button. view Then the information will appear. company-detail

You also can edit the company information by clicking pencil icon and favorite it by clicking star button from here. For more information, please refer to editing company

You can view lead information of the company by clicking the lead name. You will be directed to edit lead page. company-lead-detail Check edit lead for more details.

You can view project information of the company by clicking the project information. You will be directed to edit project page. company-proj-detail Check edit project for more details.